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How to choose the best sunscreen packaging supplier ?

How to choose the best sunscreen packaging supplier ?
May 07 , 2022

At present, the current season is preparing for summer, sunscreen products are definitely in the forefront of the category, but how to sell sunscreen products, this is an important question, which leads to a topic, how to find a superior sunscreen packaging  supplier to assist you Tap into the market for this sunscreen range.

Identify the supplier's category

First of all, we need to know exactly what sunscreen-related products are. You can check how many categories are related to sunscreen in the supplier's store and official website. For example, there are eight categories of sunscreen products: facial cleansing, facial makeup remover, body sunscreen, body sunscreen. Cleaning, facial whitening, body whitening, after-sun repair, physical sunscreen, so consider which sunscreen packaging materials can be matched

Hard power options

Clarify the product category, and then choose the hard power, which can be based on the supplier's production scale, certification strength, cooperative brand partners, and industry evaluation

Supplier negotiation

Negotiation is not just about how much discounts can be given, so that negotiation cannot lead to long-term cooperation, but whether suppliers can take into account the needs of their end customers, this is our common customer, to achieve the purpose of win-win cooperation, such as In terms of design, we will take into account the preferences and shapes of the buyer audience. We have done market research and have our own professional team for R&D and design. Such suppliers are trustworthy.


The above three points of Huihong Packaging can meet customer requirements and help brands go overseas. Welcome all merchants to negotiate and discuss cooperation in detail

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