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Huihong Innovative Patented Product Vibrating Eye Cream

Huihong Innovative Patented Product Vibrating Eye Cream
April 09 , 2022

In the long and far-reaching 26-year development process, Huihong packaging has continuously achieved breakthroughs in product innovation. Among them, eye cream packaging products are one of them, and the somatosensory thermal infrared vibration eye beauty instrument is one of our patented products. Let me introduce this in details of this product!

184 crystalline faceted ball massage heads, 6000 times of high-frequency vibration can improve absorption efficiency, effectively soothe the skin around the eyes, strong wrinkle removal, anti-aging, constant temperature of 42 degrees celsius, promote absorption and strengthen effect, the crystal head has a unique ring red Light Band, Antibacterial Improves dullness, Enhances Skin Brightness, In rolling stimulation of tiny bumps, microcirculation around the eyes, activation of deep cells, "shocked at a touch" --- Micro-current black technology with USB charging port, continuous and recyclable, can greatly improve the transformation of eye cream body in all directions effect!

Why is electric vibration more advantageous than pure manual massager? One of them is uniformity Electric thermal massage has the most significant effect. In addition, the constant temperature can make the skin more fully absorbed. Research reports have shown that the absorption rate can be increased by 30%!

In the future, Huihong will be committed to developing more practical and simple innovative products. In the field of cosmetic packaging materials, we support one-stop services from research and development to mold opening and production. Welcome major buyers to negotiate work!

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