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HUIHONG PACKAGING│Eye Cream Functional Packaging

HUIHONG PACKAGING│Eye Cream Functional Packaging
March 29 , 2022

As we all know, cosmetics are the fast-moving consumer goods of the daily public. The rapid development of the cosmetics industry has driven the demand for corresponding cosmetic packaging materials. Eye cream is one of the cosmetics that everyone likes, and the design with novel and innovative concepts can make your Eye cream products stand out. Huihong can become your strong supplier. In the field of functional packaging material design, we have made major breakthroughs.

Eye Cream Tube

The functional eye cream packaging  looks very advanced and intelligent in appearance. It changes from a single manual massage to an electric vibration and a 360-degree rotation to fully massage the surrounding areas of the eyes, and the infrared heating function allows the lotion to be fully absorbed by the skin. , significantly accelerate the efficacy of the product. Small but beautiful and multi-functional will become the trend of the development of eye cream packaging materials.Eye Cream Packaging Tube

Our eye cream tube heads are various, in addition to rolling massage, there are also curved surface and single roller shape, accept customized materials, zinc alloy, medical grade ceramics, silicone, etc. can be made according to your needs, welcome to be our partner!

Customize your packaging start from Huihong
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